Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Ideal 1st cars

Here are some ideal first cars, that i think would be suitable and ensure happy cruzin, and be easy on the pocket, if u'v got another car in mind jus let me kno bout it, and i'll giv u sum feedbak. (The cars are generally increasing in price and maintanence costs down the page):

- Vauxhall Corsa (1.0l - 1.4l) 51reg onwards,
Ideal 1st car, vcheap on insurance if u get the 1.0l or 1.2l, if ur lukin for sumthin a little sportier, go for the SXI (ins group3), reliable, lots available, look out for thrashed engines on SXI's (NCAP 4 Stars) GO FOR Corsa COMFORT

- Ford KA (1.0-1.4l) Y reg onwards,
Nice little runner for the ladiez, engine quite poky, very reliable, good handling, little space in rear, GO FOR 1.3i LUXURY KA

-Citroen Saxo (1.0l - 1.6l) Y reg onwards,
Nice 1st car, luks very gud with excellent engines, very cheap, be very very careful when buyin a Saxo VTR or VTS as most are driven by yung boy racerz with thrashed engines, maintenance cheap, reliable, if u want sumthin a little racier go for a 1.4l Furio (NCAP 3 Stars) GO FOR 1.1 SX

- Ford Fiesta (1.0l - 1.4l) Y reg onwards,
Gud 1st car, 5drs better, go for zetec's if u want good spec, try and get one with metallic bumpers (hold value better), good build quality, new shapes o2on are much better (NCAP 3-4 stars) GO FOR ZETEC models

- Fiat Punto (1.0l-1.4l) 02 reg onwards,
Gud car for size, avoid Active Sport if ur lukin 4 cheap insurance, wach out for boy racer owners, has a few niggles coz it's a Punto thats why its very very cheap, (NCAP 4 stars) GO FOR 1.3 MULTIJET DIESEL

- Renault Clio (1.0l-1.4l) Y reg onwards
Very good car, fun to drive, good handling, looks great, cheap on insurance and buying, (NCAP 4 stars) GO FOR DYNAMIQUE MODELS

- Citroen C2- upgrade to Citroen Saxo, excellent car

- Peugeot 206, only go for the lower sized engines as insurance is quite high, Quicksilver 1.4 is best

- Volkswagen Polo, good build quality, expensive to maintain

- Toyota yaris, quite good cars, very small however,

-Mini's, expensive, but can get cheap insurance for 1.0l and 1.2l

Top Gear Programme!

Wat did evryone think of da topgear this week?

I cudn't believ Hamilton man, he's awesom, made the lap luk sooo easy even on a wet and oiled trak omg! :o... Top Gear's defoo gtta be my favourite car programme, wat bout the rest of you?

Monday, 3 December 2007

Buying your first Car!

So you think its time you bought your first car??!!

:::Like most ladz, i'v waited most my lyf to finally drive and own a car, and at the moment i'm taking my lessons, so hopefully in a few months i'll be on the road cruzin with my mates in a modified Focus lol :D...

But unfortunately, its not as easy to be a youngsta and own a car theze dayz, mainly because of insurance, and it is the largest expense for your life, next to buyin a house!

:::: "There are a lot of factors that affect your car buying decision, the size and type of car, where to buy, type of motoring, the maintenance and running costs, your personal preferences, when to buy and probably the most important factor - the cost"

::: Here's some tips from me, on buyin your first car and learnin 2 drive:

- Buy a car, after you'v passed your driving test!, coz you could face hefty charges on insurance

- don't learn drive with your rent's if your not insured with the car, coz an accident could damage your parents records, and ur own when u want to get ur own insurance, and ITS ILLEGAL, if ur caught u may be banned from drivin, and imagin not being able to drive whilst all ur mates can :... (but if ur desperate, find a large empty car park, or piece of land lol)- If u want the experience it'll be cheaper to pay for extra lessons too, rather than insurance on ur rent's car....

- Make sure it's a small car! i knooo we'v all dreamed of cruzin in our beamaz n porshez, but a small car will help you gain confidence in your drivin, and the insurance is a lot cheapa, do you realli wanna spend more on the insurance than a cars value?!*.... Plus if u hav an accident at a yung age and make a claim, your insurance premium's will shoot up, for mor thingz than jus your car! Even it's not about money with you, its about makin sensibl decisionz now that'll help ya lata on...

- Take the Pass plus scheme, it'll make you a better driver, and giv you a 35% discount at sum insurance companies. Its a 6 hour learning experience, that costs around £150.... A good knowledge of driving is for life....

- Some manufacturers offer free insurance with there brand new cars, and the savings r well worth a look at

- Buying from private traders and car supermarkets is much cheaper than buying elswhere

- Keep modifications low, alloys, headlamp mods, lighting and sound systems won't boost ur insurance much , however stay away from skirtingz, spoilers, induction kits, exhaust modz- jus to begin with

- Don't lie about the main driver when gettin insurance, coz if ur caught, u will hav great difficulti gettin insurance eva agen,,, insurance companies are now sharing certain information on customerz

- Get a low maintenance car, your a student! many of u don't wurk, and maintaining a car is very expensive

- Get a car with fuel economy

- Try and get a car with at least an NCAP rating of 3 starz, afta all, we'r lyk 80% more likely to be involved in an incident- and that isn't down to how well we drive, its down to experience

As you become a better driver, your insurance will soon get cheaper too, and you can get wateva car you want eventually...

I knoo sooo the main idea is that Insurance is a pain in the u kno wat, but i can't change that sooo, jus try n take my advice...

ATM, i'm jus tekin lessons + i havent driven my mumz or dadz cars, its jus too risky if ur caught... i can't drive my dad's Beama till i'm 21, and insurance on my mumz Punto Active Sport, is a bomb, so i'll jus carry on wiv my lessonz till i'v passed... and i'm probz gnna tek the pass plus scheme too (ya get to drive fastttt lol)...

Wat situation u guyz in?